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I'm monica.

I am a Houston-based lifestyle Photographer who focuses on beauty in the chaos. I sprinkle all of my images with cinnamon for that warmth, and I love to get close-ups of those genuine laughs and tight hugs. I'm truly in love with unscripted and genuine moments, so your session with me will be more of an experience that does not rely heavily on posing.

I am also a proud mother to a beautiful little soul who inspired me to start taking photos as soon as I saw his face. My son has been my entire inspiration behind photography, and I proudly named my business after him.

Coffee shops make me happy, especially ones full of art, music, and interesting people; Chai and Matcha latte are my favorites, and on a long day, I'll throw in some espresso!

Many Blessings,

-Your Future Photographer

Modeling calls are closed thank you all!

I am transitioning to focusing more on the rawness and closeness of motherhood photography. This includes breastfeeding, bare bellies, stretch marks, messy hair, and being one with the moment and nature.

That said, I am looking for moms who aren't afraid to be themselves with their children in a studio, in-home (abundant natural light needed ), or outdoor setting. Moms also must be comfortable with purchasing clothing and being styled. 

Model types:

  • Pregnant (25 weeks +)
  • Breastfeeding (any age)
  • Moms of toddlers
  • Mothers who have just given birth
  • A combination of any of the above

These sessions will allow me to practice and build my portfolio in this area. Therefore they will be free. There will be no minimum or maximum amount of images edited.  

Please e-mail or fill out my contact page to be considered!

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"Do Everything In Love"

1 Corinthians 16:14