Now Booking for January & February 2024

To the mom who is rarely in the frame...

I'm holding space for you.


I want to place mothers in the foreground and see them thrive with their children. There are still moments in motherhood that are missed out on because they don't seem profound enough to keep as memories, but the reality is that this entire journey is profound, from pregnancy and beyond.

While I am still photographing families, I want to emphasize the divine connection between mothers and their children. These sessions are a visual love letter to yourself and your children to remind you of where you were in your motherhood journey and how your babies saw you at the time.  

Sometimes we overthink professional photos when it's pretty simple, show up, show your soul, and be in the moment. Maybe you have a son who loves when you skateboard with him, let's tell that story, or perhaps you're breastfeeding your last child; let's take our time, or maybe you and your toddler have a favorite coffee shop you frequent; let's capture some moments for them to look back on.  

These sessions are meant to be carefree, stress-free, and a way to relax and be yourself with your child; I'll share my stories about my own experience as a mother; we can share laughs and even vent a bit :) 

Let's take up some space; it's time to enter the frame.

"And his mother treasured up all these things in her heart."

—Luke 2:51